Deck Heating Gas Fitting Services in Edmonton

As is the case with pools in Edmonton, why not extend your deck’s use from 4 months to 6-7 months per year? Or if you’re more interested in the aesthetic benefit of a deck heater, it makes for a wonderful addition to any space without disrupting your space.

There are two primary types of deck heaters, both of which can be controlled remotely.

  • Sitting deck heater - if you’re unable to or just not interested in hanging the heater above your deck, a sitting deck heater is a great solution. They come in many shapes and sizes and are highly effective.
  • Hanging deck heater - similarly, hanging deck heaters are available in a range of makes and models but have the added benefit of not taking up any space on your deck.

Much like our other heating system services, we have deep experience installing and servicing sitting and hanging deck heaters. Please give us a call if you’re considering adding a deck heater to your home and would like our expertise.