Gas Line Installation in Edmonton

Comprehensive gas line installation services for your home or business


Gas Line Installation in Edmonton

If you require a gas line installation, gas line alteration, or gas line repair in your home or business,  Brian Plumbing and Heating will take care of everything for you, including the proper permits and inspections required by code.

When it comes to gas, safety is paramount. By code, any alteration to a gas system requires a permit and inspection by the local governing authority.

So if you’re looking to have a gas line run to your deck for an elegant fire table, to your garage for a future garage heater, or that pool heater you always wanted, please give us a call at (780) 249-1496 for prompt, reasonably priced installation of your gas line.

BBQ Gas Lines in Edmonton

Ready to upgrade to a new natural gas BBQ? The first step is to install the gas line. We always consider what the future may bring by over sizing the gas line to accommodate any potential increased gas demand. This allows for future additions of fire tables or deck heaters. If you’re running a gas line, consider upgrading to have enough gas for all your future outdoor activities.

BBQ with Steaks
Fire Table

Fire Tables And Outdoor Heaters in Edmonton

Fire tables have been growing in popularity over the last few years, offering heat during cool nights while sprucing up your outdoor space.

As a consumer, it’s important to keep in mind there is a wide selection of fire tables available on the market, but it must be CSA-approved in order for it to be installed and insured.

If we can share more of our insight and expertise and help you with your fire table installation, please contact us.

Gas Stoves in Edmonton

Although most homes in Edmonton have electric ranges, more people are converting to gas ranges for good reason. They’re powerful; heating up faster, and giving you better control of the heat for cooking.

The first step when installing a gas range or a gas line for a new range in Edmonton is that it must be done by a certified gas fitter and in accordance to the proper permitting and city inspections.

 Brian Plumbing and Heating has years of experience installing gas ranges and gas lines for gas ranges.

gas stove

Underground Gas Lines in Edmonton

Need a gas line run to your garage or shop? We can either dig the trench, or install in an existing trench. Often a client will provide the trench to save money.

You can also install the gas line and electrical in the same trench. Keeping in mind, by code, the trench needs to be a minimum of 15 inches deep.