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Gas Permits in Edmonton – The Complete Guide

Since our inception in 2010, we have installed hundreds of gas lines for a range of appliances, such as BBQs, kitchen stoves, fireplaces, garage heatersdeck heatersfire tables, and clothing dryers.

Given the hazards of gas-powered appliances and devices, we have fielded a lot of questions about the general process and the regulations surrounding gas in Edmonton. The focus of this guide is to answer some of the most common inquiries we’ve received. This can serve as a useful reference point for you as an Edmonton homeowner or business owner.

However, if after reading our guide you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phoning us at (780) 249-1496.

Do I need a gas permit in Edmonton, and if so, in what instance(s)?


By far the most commonly asked question is whether or not a gas permit is required for a gas line installation.

In all cases and for both homeowners and business owners, the answer is YES. Any alteration to a natural gas system in Edmonton requires a gas permit prior to commencing the work and inspection by the local governing authority. This includes retesting and the simple addition of a gas shut-off at the meter for any gas-powered appliance installation.

What is a gas permit anyway?

Simply put, a gas permit is authorization from the local governing authority ( in our case, the City of Edmonton) for a homeowner or a licensed Plumbing Contractor to install gas lines and gas appliances, such as furnaces, pool heaters and garage heaters.

So why do I need a gas permit?

You might be asking yourself, is a gas permit really that important? Is this just a cash grab by the City and another layer of government bureaucracy?

To answer these questions, it may be easier to first understand why gas permits were first introduced. Historically, permits and inspections were introduced due to improper gas use and installation; leading to preventable explosions and deaths (such as below, albeit thankfully there were no deaths).

The devastating effect of an improper gas line installation in Essex, England in February, 2014. 10 people were injured as a result. Miraculously, no one died.

While it is unclear when gas permits were first brought into use, the key point is that it is for the safety and protection of you and your fellow Edmontonians. Take for example what happened when a gas line erupted just west of Edmonton on June 29, 2017:

Although this incident above was not due to an improper installation or lack of a gas permit. It does highlight the dangers of gas and why an inspection and permit are critical.

To summarize, a gas permit is mandatory for two reasons:

  1. It’s for your own safety – the provincial Safety Codes Act is set up to ensure you and the community’s wellbeing.
  2. It’s the law – It is against the law to not obtain a gas permit when required.

Got it. Now how do I get a gas permit?

  1. Through a licensed Mechanical Contractor – such as Brian Plumbing & Heating. For your convenience and peace of mind we will:
    1. Complete any type of gas line installation
    2. Handle the permit application
    3. Book the appointment with the inspector.

After the work is finished and permit/s are submitted an inspector from your city will review the work and will issue you an approval.

Note that if the inspector needs to enter the residence, someone will need be present to allow him in. If the inspection takes place outside of the home, they will simply enter the property with permission.

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