Furnace Installation & Repairs in Edmonton

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Furnace Installation in Edmonton

Your old furnace costing you a fortune in repairs and gas consumption ? Perhaps its time to install a new furnace. Todays furnaces are nothing like Mum and Dad’s old furnace from years ago, though simple in design and easy to install , it unfourtunately may have been only about 40-50% efficient. That means that only 40-50% of the energy in the gas was being used to heat your home, while the rest of the heat went straight up the chimney vent to the outside world. Todays furnaces are far more complex and as high as 99% efficient. The most important consideration to ensuring a long life of a high efficient furnace is a quality installation and proper set up of the controls by a qualified technician. If your thinking its time for a new furnace, and would like to set up an appoitment, please call  Brian Plumbing and Heating at 780-249-1496. 

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Furnace Repairs

If you’re in Edmonton and dealing with a malfunctioning furnace, contact   Brian Plumbing and Heating for prompt, professional service at your residential or commercial property.  We repair all makes and models and are available every day of the week.

For the DIY folks out there, below are a few easy to follow repairs for some common furnace issues and for more advice, you can go to our 10 essential tips to keep in mind when dealing with a broken furnace page.

  1. The first thing you want to check is that the power to the furnace is on. It’s not that uncommon for the main switch to the furnace to have been shut off by accident.
  2. Another possibility is that the batteries in the thermostat need replacing.
  3. A clogged filter will cause the furnace to overheat and trip out. Replace the filter and reboot.
  4. On high-efficient furnaces, ice build up on the vents outside is common. Remove and reboot.

If, after checking these simple fixes, your furnace is still giving you grief, you will most likely need to give us a call at (780) 249-1496.

Our experienced technicians will discuss the repairs with you beforehand and provide you with a quote for the repair (for more on furnace repair costs in Edmonton, please feel free to refer to our in-depth guide, “How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Furnace in Edmonton?)

Are you in Edmonton and dealing with a furnace repair emergency?

Not to worry, because we are available 7 days a week.

For emergency no heat heat service, please call us at (780) 249-1496.