Whether you’re in need of a greener, environmentally friendly heating solution or are just exploring heating systems beyond natural gas or other energy sources, solar heating is an option to consider. However, there is nothing new about solar power, the sun has provided all the energy the earth has ever used for the last four-and-a-half billion years. All energy is the direct result of the sun's rays. A solar system can be as simple as throwing a garden hose on the roof of your house to help heat your swimming pool, to a complex million dollar system integrating roof panels, inground thermal piping, and computer software.

According to the City of Edmonton’s Urban Planning & Design report on Solar Heating and Energy, some of the benefits of solar heating are:

  • Significantly lower the impact on the environment.
  • And to help lower Edmonton’s dependency on fossil fuels (as part of their long-term climate change goals).

For more information on solar heating and green home possibilities in Edmonton, be sure to read the City of Edmonton’s Green Home Guide.

Solar powered hot water tanks for the cottage are also popular these days. Be the envy this summer of all your neighbors as you encourage the new generation to realize the importance of energy conservation.

Another form of green energy is thermal. Capturing the natural heat in the ground through a thermal pump. JW Brian Mechanical has worked on several of these over the years, with good reports from the owners. The beauty of these systems is that you can cool your home with them as well.

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