How to Clean Your Kitchen Drain in Edmonton in Three Easy Steps


Is your kitchen drain all plugged up? This is one of the most common issues to plague homeowners, particularly if you own an older home.

If you have a clogged or plugged kitchen drain, this guide outlines three straightforward steps to clean yourself before calling a professional.

1. Check the Trap

It’s not likely the problem but the first thing you should do is check it the trap is clogged. If your kitchen drain is using a plastic trap, you will be able to disconnect it from the sink drain by loosening the jam nuts on the trap and the trap adapter. Remove the trap and clean.


If your drain is using an older copper trap, it could be difficult to remove the trap, there may be a plug you can remove from the bottom to access the inside and clean as best as you can.

2. Check the Underground Drain

If your drain is still clogged, the problem is most likely in the underground drain in the basement. There should be a cleanout at the base of the kitchen drain stack. To locate, simply follow the drain from the kitchen sink into the basement. At the floor level in the basement there should be a cleanout provided for cleaning the underground portion of the kitchen drain.

drain cleanout

3. Rent a Drain Cleaner


You will more than likely need to rent a drain cleaner from your local equipment rental store, such as Home Depot. As this equipment can be a little dangerous, unless you have hands-on experience, you may require the services of a professional, such as JW Brian Mechanical.

Still can’t unclog your kitchen drain? Contact JW Brian Plumbing and Heating!

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