Hot Water Tanks & Heaters in Edmonton

We can help you pick and install the right hot water heater for your Edmonton home or business


Hot Water Tanks & Heaters Installed In Edmonton

Although they are simple in nature, in that they supply hot water, hot water heaters can differ in their style of heating water, output and efficiency. Picking the right system will depend on several factors including the existing style of heater if replacing, the amount of hotwater required and of course budget. For example, the requirement for hot water in a home will be much less than required in a commercial or industrial enviroment.

 Below are examples of water heaters we commonly install in the Edmonton area.

  1. Gravity Vented Hot Water Tank – Also called “natural draft hot water tanks”  they are the original means of heating water with natural gas, the kind your parents most likely had. They are the most inexpensive, but also the most inefficient.
  2. Power Vented Hot Water Tank – Rather than using a traditional natural draft metal vent through the roof, a power vented hot water tank uses an electrically powered fan to remove harmful gases through a plastic pipe to the outside, and is more efficient than a gravity vented hot water tank.
  3. On-Demand Hot Water Heater – Ideal for those homes that require a large volume of hot water, this type of hot water heater is the most efficient, compact, and offers an unlimited amount of hot water at any given time.
  4. Indirect Water Heater – An indirect water heater system makes use of a main boiler to heat domestice water via a heat exchanger inside a seperate vessel. Indirect water heater systems are highly efficient in conjunction with other hydronic accessories such as forced-air handling unit with a hydronic heat exchangers, baseboard heating, and in-floor radiant heating.

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