Hot Water Tank Installation

hot-water-tanks-plumbing-new-installations-and-renovationsAlthough they are simple in nature, in that they supply hot water, hot water tanks can differ in their style of heating water and removal of harmful gases, to the volume and temperature they produce. Picking the right system will depend on how much hot water is required of it. For instance, the requirement for hot water in residential will be less than a commercial or industrial application.

Where hot water tanks can vary as well is the make and model. However, there are three different types of tanks which are outlined below and all of which we can install.

  1. Gravity Vented Hot Water Tank - these types of hot water tanks are traditional and have existed for the longest of the three. They are the most inexpensive, but also the most inefficient since you are not using all of the energy available.
  2. Power Vented Hot Water Tank - Rather than using a chimney, it uses an electrically powered fan to remove harmful gases through a plastic pipe to the outside, and is more efficient than a gravity vented hot water tank.
  3. On-Demand Hot Water - Ideal for those homes that require a large volume of hot water, this type of hot water heater is the most efficient, compact, and offers an unlimited amount of hot water at any given time.

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