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How Much Does A Garage Heater Cost To Install In Edmonton?

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How Much Does A Garage Heater Cost To Install In Edmonton?

garage heater, edmonton, cost

Many individuals ask us “How Much Does A Garage Heater Cost To Install In Edmonton?” Let us shed some light on this question.

Installing a Garage Heater can be a nice addition to your level of comfort in your home. As a result they keep your car warm, keep the floor dry and are ideal for man caves or hobbyists.

Do you have a living space above your garage?

In addition to keeping your garage warm, a Garage Heater will assist in warming the floor of the rooms above your garage. Keeping your garage even a few degrees above zero will act as a buffer zone from frigid, outside temperatures.

The cost of installing a Garage Heater will primarily be based on two factors.

  1. The size (BTU’s) and type of Garage Heater.
  2. The length of gas line required to provide gas to the Garage Heater.

What type of heater is right for you?

Regarding the type of heater, a home owner has several choices.  Picking the right heater will depend on one’s intention with the garage. For instance, someone who air brushes or paints in their garage will most likely prefer a tube heater (radiant heating) installed as opposed to a unit heater which heats by blowing warm air (forced air).

Another consideration might be: Does the home owner intend to work with combustible materials or combustible fumes in their garage? In this case, a sealed combustion chamber will need to be considered.

If space is limited a Unit Heater may be the answer as they tend to be a less bulkier option compared to a tube heater.

Sizing a Garage Heater is basic. For instance the size of the garage and the insulation values of the walls and ceiling being the determining factors.

The gas line factor

The length of gas line has a significant impact on the final cost of a Garage Heater installation. Some home owners are fortunate with the main gas line for they’re home running through the attached garage, this would be the best case scenario, as gas is readily accessible. However, if say you have a detached garage, a gas line will need to be ran underground to the garage if there is not a gas line already installed. One can see where this would increase the cost significantly.

Want to learn more about gas line installation?

Check out our article “How Much Does It Cost To Install A Gas Line In Edmonton” in our Tips and Advice column.

Expected Garage Heater costs?

On the low end, with all the right conditions, a person could expect to pay approximately $3000 for a Garage Heater installation. For a job requiring significant gas line construction, and a bigger BTU heater,  you could be looking upwards of $6000 for a Garage Heater installed. In other words, this is all dependent on the type and size (BTU”s) of the heater, and length of gas line.

And now you know “How Much Does A Garage Heater Cost To Install In Edmonton?”. We hope this rough guide has helped you to answer a few questions you may have regarding the cost of a Garage Heater. In conclusion, don’t hesitate to call John at JW Brian Plumbing and Heating for a on site assessment and Quote. Don’t worry about permits and inspections, we take care of all that !!

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