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Why do you need a Frost Free Hose Bib?

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Why Do You Need A Frost Free Hose Bib?

Edmonton gets extremely cold in the winter. Very, very cold. We get temperatures as low as -40°C. Temperatures this low can cause homeowners all kinds of problems like cars that won’t start, outside locks that freeze, frozen window locks and of course frozen outside garden hose taps or as we call them in the industry, a “Hose Bib”.

Nowadays, to prevent freeze up of a Hose Bib, modern Frost Free Hose Bibs are installed, as apposed to the old fashion Hose Bib that had to be isolated and drained in the fall down in the basement. That step is no longer required with a Frost free Hose Bib. When properly installed and maintained, a Frost Free Hose Bib will prevent freeze up of the water supply line to the Hose Bib. It is important to disconnect all attachments to the Hose Bib in the fall for the winter to prevent freeze up and potential flooding in the baement.

Burst pipe from freezing water.

It is recommended that each spring to have an observer in the basement at the location of each Hose Bib for the first operation of a Frost Free Hose Bib to ensure there are no burst pipes.

Frost Free Hose Bibs when properly installed and maintained prevent frozen water lines and subsequent flooding in the spring.

Frost-Free hose bib

At Brian Plumbing and Heating we can’t do anything about Edmonton’s horribly cold winters. But, we can help prevent the ultimate water damage from a split hose bib. We can install/replace a frost-free hose bib that will eliminate the risk of a frozen outside tap.

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Edmonton gets real cold in winter. Very, very cold. We get temperatures as low as -40°C. Temperatures this low can cause homeowners all kinds of problems: cars that won't start; outside locks that freeze; frozen window locks, and; frozen outside garden hose taps.

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