Frost-Free hose bib

Why do you need a Frost Free Hose Bib?

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Why Do You Need A Frost Free Hose Bib?

Edmonton gets real cold in winter. Very, very cold. We get temperatures as low as -40°C. Temperatures this low can cause homeowners all kinds of problems: cars that won’t start; outside locks that freeze; frozen window locks, and; frozen outside garden hose taps.

You probably won’t even know the pipe to your outside tap has burst from ice expansion until spring comes with warmer temperatures. With the spring thaw that split pipe is going to start spraying water everywhere. If the pipe is somewhere in your house that you don’t normally see, the escaping water could cause some serious damage.

Don’t let your pipes freeze, because they will split the pipe when the water turns to ice which then expands:

Burst pipe from freezing water.

With warmer temperatures, the ice in the pipe will melt and escape through the split part of the pipe:

Frost-free hose bib installation prevents frozen pipes and the resulting water damage in the spring.

Frost-Free hose bib

At JW Brian Plumbing and Heating we can’t do anything about Edmonton’s horribly cold winters. But, we can help prevent ultimate water damage from a split outside pipe. We can install a frost-free hose bib that will eliminate standing water in your outside tap system.

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