Broken Furnace – 10 Essential Tips to Keep in Mind

Just like any household appliance, your home furnace will no doubt reach a day when it requires some level of repair. It could be that it’s making a minor noise or, worse yet, isn’t producing consistent heat. Regardless of the issue, you’ll need a specialist (such as J.W. Brian Mechanical) to repair your broken furnace and have it up and running again ASAP.

Additionally, after repairing hundreds of furnaces and heating appliances in the Edmonton area, one common question we’re asked is: “my furnace isn’t working, what should I do?”. You’re of course welcome to contact us and we can help with the repair, but you may be surprised to learn that you might not need us at all! With the advice shared in this guide, you may be able to troubleshoot or fix your furnace yourself.

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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Furnace in Edmonton?

Plain and simple, if you live in Edmonton it’s nearly impossible to live without a working, reliable furnace in your home. We might not need heat during the warmer summers months from May to August, but come September it’s an absolute necessity; especially when temperatures dip to and plummet below 0°C.

Here at J.W. Brian Mechanical, we’ve diagnosed and repaired hundreds of furnaces in the Edmonton and surrounding area across all makes and models.

To help prepare you for the day that your furnace is suddenly rattling, fails producing heat, or is emitting gases (in which case a carbon monoxide detector would likely be activated), we’d like to share some of our relevant knowledge in this realm. Through this in-depth guide, we will answer one of the most common questions customers ask us: “how much will it cost to fix my furnace?”.

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