When Should You Call an Emergency Plumber in Edmonton?

We are often asked by Edmonton home and business owners with a plumbing issue whether it’s an emergency situation and if it should be dealt with ASAP. Although the reality is that there’s never a convenient time for a home or business owner to call (and hire) a plumber, there are certainly moments when it is absolutely mandatory that you call an emergency plumber in Edmonton.

The main concern that constitutes a plumbing emergency is whether or not there is flooding. If there is any sign of a flood, then without a doubt you need to call a plumber immediately (such as J.W. Brian Mechanical). If not, and it is after hours, you should be able to wait till regular business hours for service.

If you are the operator of a restaurant or night club, a plumbing emergency could possibly shut you down for the night, resulting in lost revenue. A reliable plumbing contractor such as JW Brian Mechanical is essential for avoiding a disaster such as this as we are available 24/7 for all your plumbing emergencies.

To help you understand the underlying causes of an emergency plumbing scenario in Edmonton, we have created this simple article that outlines the most common emergencies.


1. Frozen Pipes

If a pipe is exposed to sub zero temperatures for too long (which could just be a matter of a few minutes during our cold Edmonton winters), there is a strong likelihood the water within the pipe will freeze and burst. In this instance, call a plumber immediately and close the main shutoff valve. If the pipe hasn’t split, then slowly thaw the pipes (i.e. not with a flame) otherwise the quick expansion may burst the pipe.

2. Sewage Backup


Some of the common causes of sewage backup include tree roots, collapsed sewer lines (particularly in older neighbourhoods), or a clogged drain. Whatever the case or time of the year in Edmonton, a sewage backup is most certainly an emergency plumbing situation.


3. Leaking Pipes and plumbing fixtures

In many cases a leaky pipe or fixture may not qualify as an emergency,for example if you can contain the water temporarily (a bucket) or shut the water off to the water line or fixture. But if you can’t control the leak and find there is significant flooding then you will need to call an emergency plumber almost immediately.

What isn’t an Emergency Plumbing Situation?

You will save yourself an extra cost by not calling a plumber after hours and fortunately enough, most plumbing problems do not fall into the “emergency” category. This may include:


These are just a few standard, non-emergency occasions to call a plumber, so if you are in Edmonton and are unsure whether you have a plumbing crisis on your hands, feel free to contact us via email or phone (780-249-1496) anytime.

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